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Who are we?

BBM is an established, trustworthy, and credible talent agency, with offices based in London and Manchester. With a combined history of over 35 years of working in the arts and entertainment industry, the agency is run by accomplished and experienced agents, Becky Barrett and Danielle Crockford. BBM’s foundations were built from a passion for an honest, communicable, and effective way of working with clients so that all artists receive the standard of management they deserve. BBM has clients working across stage, screen, and digital media, both in the UK, in Europe, and internationally.

As agents, Becky and Danielle are exceptionally focused and driven, and they ask that all clients who work with them share these values. They strive to be personable and professional. Both originating from professional performing backgrounds, they have the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to lead a successful career within this highly competitive industry and are stalwarts of the talent scene in London and Manchester. They work with their clients to help them gain rewarding contracts of a respectable standard. The two lead agents are supported by their assistant, Amy Kinnear, and by Tracey Andrews, who heads the commercials list and also manages the BBM accounts.


What do we do and who do we do it for?

At BBM, we represent clients who are exceptionally talented in their field of work, who are driven to succeed, and who have a commitment to their career goals. Our ethos is to offer outstanding personal management to all of our clients, with a service that is tailored to each individual client and their needs. We pride ourselves in the guidance and support we can offer our clients, and in our first-rate communication skills. We seek to fully discern our clients’ wishes, so that we can offer honest and appropriate help. 

As an agency, we work with both emerging talent and already established talent. For new graduates in particular, we seek to introduce them to the industry in a professional manner, working with them to ensure their profiles and skills are maximised to the best of their ability. We know how to run a business, and we pass on to clients our knowledge of the importance of running their business as a performer, including marketing and networking advice and supervision. We aid our clients to forge long-term careers, encouraging progression and facing challenges head-on. For established clients, we are very capable in aiding a career path change of direction, and in helping clients who have may have got slightly lost along the way who need an authentic and intelligent new outlook on their career possibilities.

We offer accomplished contract support, with founder and lead agent of BBM holding a First Class Honours degree in Business and Law. We check every contract with care and due diligence, and we are not afraid to open discussions on what we feel are legal, fair and ethical standards, terms and conditions for our clients. We fully understand that we have a legal duty of care to our clients, and we endeavor to uphold the utmost of professional standards at all times.


When I first came to BBM, my confidence was pretty low.

Becky was my team mate right from the off. She was approachable, honest and supportive. She very quickly got me in the room, and helped me build that confidence back up. Three weeks later, I booked my first leading role as Sandy in Grease. I know that without Becky’s input, advice and support, I would never have even gone to that audition, let alone booked it. 

BBM is a personable agency who truly care about your career development. Even after booking my first big job, Becky told me she was excited to see what could come next for me too. To know she was looking as far ahead into my future as I was meant a lot.

What first drew me to the agency was their attitude towards mental health. BBM care for you as a person not just an artist, and are always there to answer questions, give advice, and check in on you, as well as push you to be the best you can. I’m so proud to be a BBM client and look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.

Cara Dudgeon

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Hannah Kiss


Client Case Studies

Cara Dudgeon

Cara joined BBM in the Spring of 2019. Cara felt that she was slightly off-course in her career, and she had been going through a quiet patch in terms of auditions for some time. We refreshed her personal branding and marketing and offered her support to renew her confidence. Within a month she had booked the leading role of Sandy in Grease for Royal Caribbean Productions, with the casting director stating that she “she blew away everyone in the room”. 


Kiera Marner

Kiera has been represented by BBM since early 2015 as a new graduate. We helped launch her career first in a reputable fringe musical production and have guided and supported her through a career progression of Ensemble on No1 UK Tours all the way to 1st cover of a leading role and most recently, the securing the leading role of Dale in Top Hat.


Jamie Corner

Having been represented by BBM since 2014, Jamie’s career has been varied and has gone from strength to strength. Starting his career as a dancer on a cruise contract, he proceeded to a UK Tour and debut West End contract with the Take That musical, The Band. He is now auditioning for well-known TV projects and featured actor roles.


Wade Lewin

Wade joined BBM in 2014, and has enjoyed a fantastic career, which shows no signs of slowing down. He has worked on a couple of renowned TV commercial campaigns and blockbuster feature films, such as Disney’s Aladdin. He has secured featured roles in musicals and most recently also takes on the additional responsibility of Dance Captain. 


Jasmine Davis

As a new graduate, Jasmine joined BBM in the Summer of 2019. We helped Jasmine with the process of a busy audition period, supporting and guiding her with the feedback received, and continually striving to get her the contracts we knew she deserved. Starting with a good fringe musical, Jasmine proceeded to work on a series for the BBC, before joining a No1 UK Tour with Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. Jasmine will be making her West End debut with this production.

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of work do your clients do?

We submit our clients for all opportunities that their skill sets match and that they wish to pursue. This includes stage, screen, and radio work. We don’t specialize in either modelling work or voice over work, therefore we recommend clients seek representation with another agent for these areas of work. 


Do you have good relationships with casting directors?

We have very good industry relationships, as proven by the work that our clients secure. We always aim to make appropriate and realistic submissions, to help maintain trust and to nurture these relationships. The success of our agency is built upon our reputation for the clients we put forward to these casting teams.


Is there a time limit on when I need to book work by?

No. Our representation of a client is individual to each client. We want to maximise every single clients’ possibility of a successful career. Therefore, if we are continually successful in gaining you auditions, we will keep on working with you until you book that job. However, if we feel that you may benefit from alternative representation, we will always be completely honest, because you only get one shot at this career. Representation is personal, and what might work for one, doesn’t always work for another.