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BBM Young Performers

BBM Young Performers

Check out some of our young performers’ featured work.


Jarlan Bogolubov begins filming for a CBBC movie.

The Osmonds UK Tour

Jack Sherran joins the UK Tour of the Osmonds, the musical, starring as Young Merril.


Tia May Watts films for the new Amazon commercial.


Jarlan Bogolubov films for a new Netflix series.

British Beauty Council

Chinelo Oparaeche films educational videos for the British Beauty Council.


Sophie Ainsworth films for the new Kaufland’s Christmas commercial.


Cecily Smith films for the new Netflix blockbuster, Matilda the musical.

Netflix Feature Film

Alfie Darling films for a new Netflix feature.


Tia May Watts films for BBC’s Casualty, playing the role of Ayesha.

Blue Jean

Marley & Piper Sage film for the feature film “Blue Jean”.

The Osmonds UK Tour

Thomas Ryan plays the role of Young Wayne Osmond in The Osmonds UK Tour.

The Chelsea Detective

Tia May Watts stars as Flo Cowie in Episode 4 of TV drama “The Chelsea Detective”.


Elle Saoirse Hay films the leading role for University of Westminster’s short film “Remember”.

Golden Boy

Tia May Watts films for “The Golden Boy”.


Killian Mackey appears in the new TK Maxx Christmas commercial.


Tia May Watts features in the new Bisto advert.


The Sullivan siblings, Mae, Eva-Rose and Benjamin, film for the new Ray BLK music video.

TK Maxx

Killian Mackey and Hugo Mackey film for the TK Maxx 2021 Christmas commercial.


Amelia Brigdale films for the Aldi “Back to School” campaign.


Mae Sullivan shoots a commercial for WhatsApp.

Spring Roll Dream

Jarlan Bogolubov shoots a short animated film ‘Spring Roll Dream’ at the NFTS, voicing the character of Alan.

Our Summer

Sophie Ainsworth plays the role of Maddie in short film, Our Summer.

Rainforest Foundation UK

Siblings Jarlan and Aiyana film for the HIT HOME campaign.


Alfie Darling films for the new Nike commercial.