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BBM Graduates Preparation Programme

Graduate Preparation Programme

As part of BBM’s mission to help graduates entering the industry, we have designed and launched to much appeal, the BBM GRADUATE PREPARATION PROGRAMME. 

From our experience of interviewing new graduates over the years, it has become clear to us that not all graduating students have advice available to them to help them be “industry ready”, and that some would gain added benefit from an unbiased second opinion in certain areas.

The programme is provided online as a 1-to-1 meeting with a BBM Agent, tailored to the individual, and enabling discussion throughout. All the areas detailed below will be covered, concluding in a self-tape mock audition with feedback opportunity. 

  • Spotlight CV’s & headshots
  • Dance reels and vocal reels
  • Audition preparation & technique
  • Rep folders and vocal practice
  • Social media & marketing/branding
  • Approaching an Agent
  • Being your own business
  • Creating a post-graduation schedule
  • Mock audition, dance & vocal

The BBM GRADUATE PREPARATION PROGRAMME is available to any non-clients, and we offer complete discretion should you wish for your involvement to remain anonymous.

Who are we and what do we do?

BBM, was founded in early 2014, by Becky Barrett. As an ex-professional performer with 3 years’ experience working at another West End talent agency, Becky was inspired to build an agency that nurtures new and upcoming talent. She isn’t intimidated by what others might see as a “challenge”, and seeks to help those that need guidance, support and fair representation.

Becky is joined at BBM by Associate Agent, Danielle Crockford, their Assistant, Amy Kinnear, and Young Performers Agent, Tracey Andrews. A dynamic group of women, they all share the same work ethos and vision, to help their clients gain reputable work within an industry that is tougher than ever. They offer superb contractual assistance, with Becky’s drive for the upholding of ethical and legal working rights leading her to gain a First Class Honours degree in Business and Law. 

BBM has clients working in the West End, on UK Tours, in Europe and internationally, with contracts across live theatre, film, television and digital media. BBM has excellent working relationships with a wide range of casting directors and aims to uphold the utmost in professional standards at all times.

Why do we work with graduates?

We fully understand how challenging it can be for a new graduate seeking employment in the performing arts industry. Graduating full-time training without a job can be daunting, lonely and at times, soul-destroying. You’re venturing into new territory, and more often than not, really haven’t expected it to be quite like it is. 

We like to help new graduates find their footing, and of course, secure their first contract. We have the patience and the determination to get you there, and we do our best to explore as many opportunities as possible for you, helping you to get that first credit on your CV. 

We enjoy the involvement of working with new graduates and watching them progress. We will guide you on audition technique and best practice, personal branding and marketing, helping you to develop into an all-round polished business as a performer.

We recognize that new graduates are some of the most vulnerable people in our industry, who can be under-valued, and taken advantage of. As a bespoke agency for the performing arts industry, we take pride in offering advice and protection when it comes to job offers and the contractual terms and conditions. We believe that honesty and integrity are important factors for a graduate, and as such we honour these traits to the best of our ability, and we fight to ensure that others do as well when working with our graduate clients.

Case Studies

Jake Lomas –

Jake signed with BBM whilst in his final year of training at Trinity Laban in 2019. His initial couple of auditions were for lead roles for that years’ panto season, and by late July he had been offered contracts as an emergency cover for the UK Tour of Billionaire Boy and for Horrible Christmas with the Birmingham Stage Company. 


Jasmine Davis – 

Jasmine joined BBM upon graduating from the Urdang Academy in 2019. After finding her feet with auditions, Jasmine’s first contract was with Gentlemen Prefer Blondes at the Union. The following year saw her performing in an immersive theatre show and filming a role for the BBC. We were incredibly proud of Jasmine carrying on her success to book the UK Tour of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which has also now transferred to the West End.


Lavinia Kastamoniti –

We welcomed Lavinia to BBM as a new graduate in 2014 and we have worked with her to build a fulfilling perming career. Lavinia’s first contract was with Celebrity Productions, and she has gone on to performing in pantomimes, the UK Tour of Wannabe, and the renowned Germany musical Tanz der Vampire. Most recently, Lavinia has joined the cast of Aladdin the musical as cover Jasmine. We are extremely proud of how far she has progressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think as a new graduate I should go on a cruise?

Many new graduates are concerned that if they accept a cruise contract, they will be out of the audition process in the UK for too long and it will be “game over” for them. This really isn’t the case. Cruises are not what they used to be- the shows are incredible and for some graduates are exactly what they need to gain experience, confidence and get out in the world. We take it on a case by case basis, we don’t force any client to audition for something they don’t want to, it is your career, after all, and you must be happy with your choices. As a premier Graduate Talent Agency will always have an open and honest conversation with you to advise on whether we think it might be a suitable option.

Can you get me seen for….?

We submit our clients for every single opportunity that they are suitable for, and we have an excellent track record with casting directors. It is a competitive industry, and we cannot make guarantees for you gaining an audition, but as your Graduate Talent Agency, we can guarantee we will always be trying for you. Your success is our success and vice versa. 

Will you “drop” me if I don’t book work?

We understand that it takes some people 1 audition to book a job, and others it might take a year or longer. BBM has patience and we believe in the abilities of our clients. We will keep trying as long as you are still trying. This is a working partnership and we all need to be giving 100% to make it successful.

Do you have other clients similar to me on your books?

This is a tricky question. Naturally, there will always be other clients that will be going up for the same auditions as you, we don’t just represent one ensemble member. However, we don’t sign clients who are carbon copies of each other either. Everyone is individual in their own right, with different skill sets, different strengths and weaknesses, and at different stages in their careers.

What do you expect from me as your client?

We ask that you work hard, are honest with us at all times, uphold professionalism and have a real drive to succeed. We embrace all of these values ourselves, and can only have a positive working relationship with you if you have the same core principles.